The Genesis Anti Jump Barrier team has been manufacturing a wide range of security barrier and safety solutions for commercial, industrial and retail use for over 10 years in Australia. During this time we have worked in many different environments to install safety solutions into banks, post offices, police stations, money exchange stores and even schools. We have the ability to custom design and manufacture a solution that fits your space perfectly to keep you & your staff safe.

The cost of installing anti jump barrier solutions is minuscule compared to the psychological impact and possible prosecution of failing to ensure there is a safe workplace for employee.

A number of government and national brands have chosen us, Genesis Anti Jump Barriers an Australian manufacturer of security barrier solutions, as their preferred supplier of choice. 

end-to-end design, manufacture & installation


The Genesis Anti Jump Barrier team is a local Australian company that provides in-house design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance for all types of security barrier & safety solutions. Everything is done in-house to suit local Australian trading conditions using experienced trades. Our design team have many years of experience creating solutions to solve various security requirements from counter protection in a bank to reception desk security for a local school. Our range of security screen products have been designed to help protect your staff from criminal behaviour by providing a physical and visual deterrent.

We take care of everything for you with our in-house automated production plant that is located in Sydney that delivers premium product quality & control over production. Our talented and experienced project management team have many years of experience delivering installations on time and on budget using military precision to install everything from a reception glass barrier to bank security screens.

Our design team is focussed on delivering a safety solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional to ensure it can comply with any required landlord, OH&S or safety requirements. This approach applies to any industry sector we service from retail stores, banks or even a petrol station for anti robbery screens or even bullet resistant barriers.



Genesis Anti Jump Barriers is a 100% Australian run and owned local business with complete turn-key security barrier solutions that provides national coverage when it comes to the design, installation and maintenance of our protection screens or security barriers. 

Our designs use the latest in polycarbonate & ballistic rated composites that can be applied to practically any situation that requires protection from things like ‘jump over the counter robberies’, assault from a weapon or simply to screen staff from the public.




All Genesis Anti Jump Barriers are made from 10mm thick polycarbonate which is 250 times tougher than glass & virtually unbreakable. We do not use glass or perspex materials for our safety screen products. All of our products come with a 20 year warranty. 


250 times tougher than glass & virtually unbreakable
Polycarbonate will not shatter and can withstand high velocity impacts from objects or people. Apart from being a much stronger material, polycarbonate is actually lighter than glass which makes it easier to be used for anti jump barrier applications from design to installation. There other material alternatives that are available on the market include acrylic which is cheaper than polycarbonate, sometimes by 30%.


Beware of using cheaper plastics
Although beware – while acrylic and polycarbonate are two of the most popular clear plastics they have very different benefits. Acrylic may look ‘shinier’ & might be cheaper to buy but it can crack or shatter under impact as it is a more rigid material. Even more important to consider when getting quotes is the fact that it is only about 10 times stronger than glass thus nowhere near as strong as polycarbonate. Another factor many people don’t consider is polycarbonate is highly resistant to chemicals such as petrol or acids which adds to its ability to provide protection from things other than objects.


Maximum protection
This is why for all our safety screen variations we only use polycarbonate substrates to ensure you receive maximum protection for you & your staff with a material that will withstand most impacts while most likely not needing to be replaced in the case of an incident occurring. Our team can ensure the framework compliments your location with choices of custom made selections from stainless steel, steel or aluminium depending on the environment it is being installed into