CASE STUDY : Liberty Service Station Counter Security installation

New safety security screens for Liberty service station in Highgate Queensland installed by Genesis Anti Jump Barriers





Custom made service station counter security solutions made in Australia

The owner of the Liberty service station in Highgate in Queensland was abused by an irate customer that threatened to harm him. Their service station counter area did not have any protection at all, not even a door between the shop and the service area. This meant it was easy for anyone to walk behind the counter or even grab a staff member from the shop floor.


Fearful of receiving more abuse the owner contacted Genesis Anti Jump Barriers to see if we could come up with a solution to provide a good level of security across the countertop area as well as install a new safety door to prevent entry behind the counter.


It doesn’t take too much searching to find examples of service station robberies making the news. Channel 9 reported a teenage boy had been charged after thieves targeted four different service stations in just four hours in Sydney’s west. It was easy for the brazen thieves to hold up the service stations as they were using cheap cable security systems which doesn’t prevent very much nor protect staff. The thieves were able to get in and out of each service station quickly in the early hours of the morning using a knife and beanie where they threatened shop attendants


We can only imagine the trauma these examples cause for staff or even service station owners. It is a human cost that can’t be calculated but we see so many service station owners who refuse to install better counter security solutions which is deeply saddening. 


Genesis Anti Jump Barriers gets asked about install the cheap counter cable security systems for service stations as owners try and minimise their costs. Although installing a counter security system like this be considered a false economy when you think about it. We deliberately chose to not offer this type of solution in our range even though it comes at an attractive price point. In our view this security solution for service stations doesn’t offer an adequate level of deterrent and even more importantly it doesn’t protective the wellbeing of staff.


Why would you try and save a few dollars when installing a counter security system that can potentially risk a life or cause long lasting trauma for staff? That is why our counter screens in service stations are much better solutions as they offer higher levels of protection which provides greater security for your staff and merchandise while still being visually attractive to shoppers.

What security solution did we design for this service station owner in Queensland?
The Liberty service station owner didn’t want to loose the retailing space that he had in the store because it was already quite small. So our design solution for the safety screens and door had to fit into the existing countertop space.

Genesis Anti Jump Barriers is a local Australian company that custom designs and manufactures countertop security screen solutions. It meant we could make something specific to this Liberty service station without the owner needing to buy new cabinets. Our design fits onto the existing furniture in the store with our professional installation team making sure nothing else is disturbed in the shop.

For this project our scope of work included a heavy duty security door as well as the countertop protection screens. Everything was custom made and measured to fit our the existing fridge, coffee machine, cash register and eftpos terminals. This meant there wasn’t any disruption to trading & the Liberty service station owner could continue to sell the profitable items in his shop.

Most importantly we helped create a complete security barrier solution that would protect him and his staff from any potential future threats from customers or thieves.

Why service station counter screens are a safer solution compared to security cables
The wires have large gaps offer little to no resistance and still enable simple or quick access for an intruder to grab items then run off. Our focus at Genesis Anti Jump Barriers is not about trying to come up with the cheapest counter security solution available in Australia, but rather, provide a range of solutions that focus on keeping your staff safe from physical threats, injury and trauma. 


That is why we have designed our full length service station counter security screens to prevent intruder access while also being extremely strong, enough to withstand impacts from a fist or angry individual in most cases. They are made from reliable materials like polycarbonate which is durable, tough & almost unbreakable unlike plastic or glass.


Our counter screens are designed in a way that still allows for transactions to take place to let people pay for fuel or groceries but prevents an intruder from threatening staff with a weapon or grabbing the cash register. It keeps your staff safe from intruders 24/7 and video surveillance cameras can still record high quality video to share with authorities if required.



Our service station counter security screens have been designed in Australia to suit local use for all brands of petrol station. Each one is custom built to suit any type of retail application that requires extra safety whether that is a service station, police station or even a local school reception area. Each type of barrier screen has its unique advantages and applications which are applicable to most industry sectors. Our design team can help you make the most appropriate selection.



  • We can remove an existing cable system and replace it with our security screen solutions.
  • We design all our security barrier products to suit any size location, countertop or reception area.
  • Everything we do is designed and manufactured in Australian to suit local retailing types.
  • Our counter security screens are used by major Government institutions, schools, police stations because they are proven to maximise the protection for staff in a range of situations.


Can counter security screen barriers be used in a service station?

Yes, we custom design service station counter security screens specifically to your specifications to suit the style, shape and size of your location . Our design is then manufactured at our facilities in Sydney before being installed on site.

Do you install service station counters with security screens?

Genesis Anti Jump Barriers can design, manufacture and install counter security screens in Australia for any type of retail store environment. This includes the counter and safety screen solution needed.

Is using polycarbonate better than perspex or class for a counter screen?

Yes polycarbonate is up to 250 times stronger than glass and virtually unbreakable making it the perfect choice to use for your counter screen to protect your staff.

Are there bullet resistant options for service station counter security screens?

Yes you can choose to upgrade from standard polycarbonate and use a range of bullet resistant counter screens for the highest levels of protection against armed robberies.